Beauty Trade Shows

As the beauty industry continues to develop and grow, companies have to find the perfect way to advertise themselves and their products and deliver them to the masses. The genius idea of a trade show was created and we therapists follow shows such as Olympia Beauty to seek the latest in news, training and products. … Continue reading

Autumn/Winter Nail Trends 2013

¬†As the dark nights close in and the hours of daylight become shorter this means only one thing, Autumn is on it’s way. New seasonal trends emerge on the catwalks of New York and Paris to inspire this years fall collections. Trends change almost over night from bright coral’s to a darker palette of rouge … Continue reading

Nail Trend : Cuticle Tattoos

Tattoo’s have been around for century’s as we all know but one of the more modern tattoo trends are cuticle tattoos. Hard to believe? Yes some artists are now offering dark black tattoo designs around the cuticle area. For some reason I cannot wrap my head around this. Surely cuticle tattoos are just a quick … Continue reading

Pastille Party

As you can tell I have disappeared for a few weeks, but I am happy to announce I am back! I’ve been away on holiday with my family on a cruise round the Mediterranean for two weeks. Not only do I have loads to tell you all about but I will also be creating some … Continue reading

The Beauty Bimbo Stereotype

One thing I have come across numerous times in my career so far is that being a Beauty Therapist comes along with a major stereotype, stupid bimbo. Not only is this far from wrong but its ridiculous! I see painting a nail or producing nail art a talent which you can’t be taught but only … Continue reading

CND Shellac – Forbidden Collection

So as autumn approaches it’s about time for a new Shellac collection to be released. I was not impressed with the last collection, Summer Splash, as all the colours were so similar to previously released collections. For example Lobster Roll was similar to Tropix and Grape gum was somewhere in between Rock Royalty and Purple … Continue reading

The Future’s Bright

Sorry bloggers I know I’ve been hiding the past couple of weeks mainly due to how busy I have been preparing for my holiday on a cruise round the Mediterranean this month. But I have mainly been hiding to save some good news for you! I have a new job! I am now leaving The … Continue reading

Not bad for a guy with one eye

My family’s favourite movie has got to be Disney Pixars Monsters Inc. They’re set to launch their second film, Monsters Inc University so this design was most definitely called for I think. For this design I used: CND Super Sticky – Base Coat BarryM – 306 – Blueberry VINYLUX – Limeade VINYLUX – Creampuff BarryM … Continue reading

Sunset Palm Tree’s

I’m off on holiday everyone! Literally so excited, me and my family are going on a cruise round the Mediterranean at the end of July which gave me my inspiration for this set of tropical nails. Everyone can picture the fruity cocktails you drink on holiday where the yellow slowly turns into red..until you’ve had … Continue reading

Minnie Mouse Nails

As O.P.I have recently released their ‘Minnie Mouse Collection’ I decided to design some nails inspired by the Disney character myself. The collection consists of 4 different shades of a girly pink, 1 of them being a glitter with pieces inside in the shape of the Minnie Mouse head. They actually released this collection last … Continue reading