Olympia Beauty 2013

Last Monday, I attended London’s Olympia Beauty show for the first time. After a two-hour journey, my Mum and I arrived at Kensington Olympia’s Grand Hall to the impressive sight of hundreds of exhibitors. To avoid the rumoured four-hour queues, we rushed straight over to the Sweet Squared stand where three demonstrations were being carried … Continue reading

Beauty Trade Shows

As the beauty industry continues to develop and grow, companies have to find the perfect way to advertise themselves and their products and deliver them to the masses. The genius idea of a trade show was created and we therapists follow shows such as Olympia Beauty to seek the latest in news, training and products. … Continue reading

The Importance of a Male Manicure

 If this photo isn’t a good advertisement to show why males should have manicures then I don’t know what is. These are my Dads horrible nails. He bites them down to the knuckle to the point where they are sore and bleeding. However he refuses to visit a salon because he’s too embarrassed. Men have … Continue reading

The nail themed TV show

An American production company named Oxygen have just announced they will be airing a new TV show themed around the obvious…nails. The show will be called ‘Nailed it!’ and sounds to be a similar format to America’s Next Top Model. If the new show is as successful as America’s Next Top Model then the show … Continue reading

Nail Trend : Cuticle Tattoos

Tattoo’s have been around for century’s as we all know but one of the more modern tattoo trends are cuticle tattoos. Hard to believe? Yes some artists are now offering dark black tattoo designs around the cuticle area. For some reason I cannot wrap my head around this. Surely cuticle tattoos are just a quick … Continue reading

Not bad for a guy with one eye

My family’s favourite movie has got to be Disney Pixars Monsters Inc. They’re set to launch their second film, Monsters Inc University so this design was most definitely called for I think. For this design I used: CND Super Sticky – Base Coat BarryM – 306 – Blueberry VINYLUX – Limeade VINYLUX – Creampuff BarryM … Continue reading

Liebster Award

My night has just been made by http://gettingontheladder.wordpress.com/ who has just nominated me, therefore won, the Liebster Award. I have come across the logo on WordPress a couple of times before but never understood the concept of the award…until now. To accept and pass on your nomination you must: Nominate more bloggers with less than 200 followers … Continue reading

Top 5 Nail Myths

Whilst working in the industry for over 2 years now I have come across many nail myths, which most people have believed through their parents telling porkies or through false claims on the internet such as Wikipedia. Below I have collected my top 5 nail myths and explained the true facts: White marks on the … Continue reading

Safe in the sun

This week the sun has managed to make a slight appearance and after coming home from work I found my brother and boyfriend scorching red from sitting out in the sun all day. It got to the point where I found myself giving them lectures on how dangerous it is to get sunburn at such … Continue reading

VINYLUX – The one week manicure

When CND released their non-chip/smudge instantly dry manicure in the form of Shellac the product immediately rocketed in the beauty industry and now CND are doing it all over again in 2013. VINYLUX claims to be a 1 week manicure with no chips that remains super shiny just like Shellac but however requires no base … Continue reading