Pastille Party

As you can tell I have disappeared for a few weeks, but I am happy to announce I am back! I’ve been away on holiday with my family on a cruise round the Mediterranean for two weeks. Not only do I have loads to tell you all about but I will also be creating some … Continue reading

CND Shellac – Forbidden Collection

So as autumn approaches it’s about time for a new Shellac collection to be released. I was not impressed with the last collection, Summer Splash, as all the colours were so similar to previously released collections. For example Lobster Roll was similar to Tropix and Grape gum was somewhere in between Rock Royalty and Purple … Continue reading

The Bible of Nail Art

Scratch Magazine’s, Helena Biggs, has recently launched her first ever nail art book simply named ‘Nail Art – Inspiring designs by the world’s leading technicians’ My parents pre-ordered my copy back in March as a birthday present for me and eventually the postman delivered it on Monday. I ripped it open with excitement and ran … Continue reading

The importance of using a Nail Oil

I don’t know about anybody else but every time I visit the salon for my nails doing I always seem to get a kind lecture on looking after my nails. The therapist tells me to use rubber gloves when washing up or gardening (which I never do) and to use a nail oil regularly but I’ve always wondered why … Continue reading

Shellac VS Gelish

Many of you readers will of heard of both products, Shellac and Gelish, but after all the big question is which is best? Below I am going to explain and attempt to weigh out the pro’s and con’s of both systems and try to make it easier for you to come to a conclusion yourself over … Continue reading

Update on searching for the perfect make-up

In need of the perfect make-up brand to use within The Salon for weddings and proms we organised visits from various representatives from different companies. In February we saw representatives from Jane Iredale and Art Deco and more recently we have seen a lady from Vani-T. As I have explained before we are looking for a … Continue reading

Eve Taylor 303 for Blemished Skins

When ‘developing’ as they say, I gained a lot of deep purple coloured stretch marks along my chest and the sides of my legs. This is something that has bothered me for a long time like many girls/women. My family has decided to go on holiday abroad this year, that’s why I came to the … Continue reading

Eve Taylor Product Knowledge Training

So today my Mum decided to surprise me and tell me we will both be experiencing in salon training with Eve Taylor on Monday 28th January 2013 . Both me and Mum love the skin care range as we all ready use it at home and in the salon when carrying out facials. Eve Taylor … Continue reading