NVQ Level 2 in Beauty Therapy

Back in September 2012 I began my NVQ  in Level 2 Beauty Therapy at my local college, Wakefield College Skills Xchange. The course runs from September until the end of June and covers the following units:


  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Facials
  • Eye Treatments
  • Waxing
  • Make-up

As an apprentice I attend college one day a week (Thursday) from 9.00am-6.30pm. My day is split into two, the morning being with my tutor Emma Davis who teachers one subject, and the afternoon with Emma Chilvers who teaches another.

Term 1:
My first term included learning the treatments, manicures, pedicures and facials. In the morning we learnt manicures and pedicures then in the afternoon we were taught facials. The first couple of weeks came as a shock to me. I was in an environment where I knew nobody and went from being of the eldest in the school to the youngest in the class. The majority of pupils in my class all ready work in a different industry and have decided to learn Beauty Therapy after settling down and having children. My closest friend is Louise, who’s eight years older than me. Once we began learning treatments after settling in I began to feel more at ease. Manicures and pedicures seemed like a breeze in the morning, it was the facial unit I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around. However after much practice at college and within The Salon I sat all the theory papers and passed them within a couple of weeks. The first term felt like a bit of a ‘make do’ in the products we used. The manicure and facial products were being swapped from the low end product Strictly Professional to Kaeso so we had to use the remaining stock first. For facial treatments we used Dermalogica, which is highly spoke about in the Beauty Industry however this meant I had to learn their way as well as the Eve Taylor routine which varied slightly. After fighting for products with the other students and people complaining finally we had a trolley full of decent products.

Term 2:
When returning to college after Christmas we began our practical assessments. This meant we had to find our own clients to bring in and carry out either a manicure, pedicure, facial or all three if possible. In our assessments books we received from college it gave us the different units we must cover such as the different types of products we must use in the treatment or the type of client we must carry it out on. So far I have been assessed on 1 manicure, 2 pedicures and 1 facial and passed all successfully. Once the assessments were out of the way we moved onto our new units Make-up and Waxing. We began learning the basics such as face shapes and colour matching within the make-up and covered leg waxing first also. As the weeks progressed we were taught more in depth topics such as concealers and eye-shadow looks and began waxing on smaller areas such as underarm, bikini, lip, chin and eyebrows. I’ll be honest…I hate the make-up kit. It’s full of cheap feeling products, very dated colours and malting brushes created by a brand called SBC (The photo does it justice trust me). I guess it will do whilst at college though but I would never use it professionally, it clings to the skin too much especially a dry skin type. The next few weeks consisted of practising all the techniques for applying make-up and carrying out waxing before the client weeks began and the assessments started all over again.

Term 3:
We then went on to clients sessions for the rest of the weeks left until June. We had to bring as many of our own clients in for any treatment to try get all our assessments passed off. They had to pay a small charge of about £8.00 but I personally paid for my clients as I found it rude to ask them to do me favour in the first place. This also meant me carrying my entire kit to college in case a stranger had booked in at reception for a treatment. It started to become a nightmare so I had to get a little suitcase to carry all my kit in. We also completed the final theory papers on make-up and waxing. I found the papers to be pretty easy to be honest once revising, the key is to revise or else you will fail or get referred. Becoming organised was a key thing to success in college too. I printed off a large amount of treatment plans and put them in my portfolio ready for sessions.


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