Trial of Eve Taylor Products (before and after photos)

So today my Mum decided to surprise me and tell me we will both be experiencing in salon training with Eve Taylor on Monday 28th January 2013 . Both me and Mum love the skin care range as we all ready use it at home and in the salon when carrying out facials.

Eve Taylor is an aromatherapy skin care range created from essential oils that are safe and effective for any skin type. Eve Taylor is the founder of the company as well as the founder of the Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy. None of the products contain Lanolin, SD alcohol or artificial fragrances which act as cling film on your skin, therefore your skin cannot breath or function properly.

Some of our clients don’t believe the products truly work! However before buying the full range for the salon we tested the products on myself at home. At the time I was 14/15 years old with very bad teenage skin, I suffered from dry areas but had an oily T-zone. To treat my skin we used Purifying Wash and Balancing Cleanser in turn and also Purifying Moisture Cream.

Here is my skin before using Eve Taylor:

photo (16)

This is my skin 4 weeks later:
photo (15)

This is my skin another 8 weeks after that:
photo (14)

As you can imagine I was very very very impressed with the results and these photos are just proof of how amazing Eve Taylor is! Having problematic skin not only made me look less attractive but also knocked my confidence whilst in high school. Now my skin is a lot clearer, I still suffer from the odd spot and blackheads but nothing compared to before.
I would honestly recommend Eve Taylor to absolutely anyone and please check out my update to the Eve Taylor Product Knowledge Training. 

9 Responses to “Trial of Eve Taylor Products (before and after photos)”
  1. Wow! That is a dramatic improvement! I love their range however I have found over the past few months I have been using it (in college) the massage cream seems to cause a lot of people to go very red and “hot” to touch. Shame as I wish I could say I adored everything they created 😀

    • I know as you can imagine I was very impressed. Personally I love all the products, I am an Eve Taylor Junkie 😉 I use Dermalogica at college as I am only currently studying Level 2 at the moment and I have found the massage cream and moisturisers in their brand do the exact same and feel uncomfortable and stingy on my clients skin. x

  2. Umvemve says:

    Hi I found your pics a while ago on SG. I use ET in my home salon and would like to be able to show some before and afters in my promotional material leading up to prom season. Would you be willing for me to use these images on my website with a link back to yours?

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