Eve Taylor Product Knowledge Training

photo (17)On Monday 28th January 2013 I received Eve Taylor Product Knowledge in salon training from Matt Taylor! The day started at 9.30 am and finished at 4.30pm. It included going through every single product of the core range in detail (What the product was, when to use, what skin type it’s ideal for etc.)  and then the advanced and mens range. We also had plenty of opportunities to ask any questions we were still unsure or concerned about. Matt was very helpful and talked one to one with both me and Mum and definitely didn’t make us feel uncomfortable or under pressure at any point. The day finished with a demonstration of a full facial adapted for our models skin type.

If anybody is unsure about the company please check out the link – Eve Taylor

Overall I found the entire day very interesting! I honestly didn’t realise how much knowledge was behind every single product. It’s not just about slapping a bit of product on the skin and hoping for the best, wish it was that easy, instead you must choose the correct product for your clients specific skin type and condition.

Thankfully the day didn’t feel like it dragged either. I sometimes dread the thought of a long day at college but this was completely different and I felt excited to be learning rather than being bored out of my brain.

Thank you so much Matt for an amazing day that will hopefully create part of the basis for my future career.x


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