Week 9 – 12

Week 9:
For this week we had to come to class with a model with a full set of acrylic nails on. Lauren then showed us a demonstration of how to file the nail ready for infilling. I found filing away the lifting on the nail one of the trickiest parts as it just didn’t seem to want to budge! I asked Laura though who showed me how to angle my file appropriately.
My first infill’s:
photo (12)

Week 10:
This week we were taught how to apply white tips using glue and then overlay clear and pink acrylic. A demonstration was done first of all and then we were left under supervision to produce a full set. I was amazed how quick it was compared to sculpting. The only problem is that the smile lines wont appear as deep and they just don’t look as clean and finished. However they did look very good!
White tips with acrylic overlays:
photo (13)Week 11: 
In week 11 we did something similar to the previous week  however we used natural coloured tips rather than white. Lauren carried out another demonstration and had us complete a full set. I took my friend Jodie for week  11 as I believe I am becoming used to working on my Mums nails and I love a challenge! The only difficult part to using natural tips is that you must blend them a lot or else the tip is noticeable. Remember when filling away at the tip you must be careful not to file at the natural nail as this can cause pain and burning to the client. The following Saturday Jodie came to the salon for Shellac over her acrylics, underneath is the finished result.

photo (19)Week 12:
Week 12 was what Lauren calls an ‘open salon.’ This means immediately we sit our clients down and get to the good part straight away with no messing around. We were instructed to do another set of natural tips with clear acrylic over the top, the same as the previous week. Before leaving Lauren and Laura also showed me how to extend the nail bed using an advanced tip (An advanced tip is one without a well) This therefore creates the look of a longer pink nail bed to allow the pink and white to look more proportioned.

Week 13 – 16


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