Week 5 – 8

Week 5:
This was definitely a challenging week for me! We had to sculpture two acrylic nails on forms using our pink fusion acrylic. It was extremely difficult as I had never used the material before and seemed completely different to the Bio Sculpture Gel I’m used to. I left Red 10 in week 5 very disheartened and fed up 😦

Week  6:
Straight away Lauren had us set up and begin a pink sculptured nail on our model. This once again proved very difficult, my nail honestly looked shockingly bad. However Lauren afterwards came round every person in the class and gave us feedback on how to improve. Afterwards she gathered us round for demonstration of finish filling before we left.
Below is my first every acrylic nail:
photo (10)


Week 7:
We then moved onto pink and white acrylic, I was raring to go. The white acrylic felt a different consistency to the pink I was used to using so it seemed very strange at first. However after a fabulous demonstration we began slaving away at our models nails! After finish filling the one nail that took me over two hours to create I felt very proud of myself.
My first every pink and white sculptured nail:
photo (11)

Week 8:
Immediately we sat down and began practising our pink and white sculptured acrylic nails. I managed to get a full hand completed finally haha! My Mum seemed very pleased with the result and I received very high compliments off both tutors Lauren and Laura.
This is my finished hand:
Acrylic nails- week 8

Week 9 – 12


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