Week 17 – 20

Week 17:
In week 17 we were told to bring a photo of our favourite acrylic nail designs, as we were going to re-design them. Lauren came over and looked at my design and straight away began laughing. I knew this was because I  chose the most complicated, difficult design imagined, but I love a challenge! Nothing beats me! I found the photo from a Scratch Magazine where a girl named Elizabeth Smith won their competition creating pastel coloured candy themed nails. I then went on to re-design them with much needed guidance using my own colours. I was very pleased with the finished result apart from the polka dot nail (I thought it looked like a clowns hat) After publishing them on my Facebook I got quite a lot of likes too…result.

The original photo from Elizabeth Smith and my version



Week 18:
With only another two more weeks left to go we moved onto learning 3D work such as hearts, bows and the basics of using acrylic 3D or inlaid. We were firstly shown the basics which were to use a bead of acrylic a lot dryer than usual and were shown the technique how to manipulate the acrylic to a particular shape. We then went back to our desks and copied Laura’s designs. Laura taught this session as she’s fantastic at design work 🙂 We then returned for another demonstration of how to do this technique but cap the 3D objects in clear acrylic to produce and air-brushed look. I realised I had to flatten my objects more to avoid my nails looking too thick.

Week 19:
In week 19 we learnt how to create more 3D objects but more specifically flowers. In this class we worked on tips so I didn’t need a model so instead my mum kept her nails on from the previous week and we used Gelish Bella’s Vampire over the top. She loved them! Below are the flowers I created on tips using my Crystal Nails Mini 3D brush as well as my Mums Gelished nails.

photo (1)















Week 20:
166730_501364593256833_758637690_nAw my final week 😦 I cannot believe how fast the course has come and gone, unbelievable. Anyway for our final week we were asked to produce a full set of design nails with some form of 3D acrylic on the ring fingers. I decided to once again challenge myself so I sculpted to a stiletto shape (for the first time) extended the nail beds, added white French smile lines, mixed my own glitter acrylic and faded this down the nail and completed with a 3D flower and diamantes. I wasn’t 100% pleased with my result as they weren’t perfect at all, however I am proud of what I have achieved over the 20 weeks. Looking back now I cannot believe how much I have improved and I cannot wait to get experimenting now with colours and designs.





Thank you so much Lauren and Laura at Red 10 Doncaster as well as Nail Harmony for helping me out along the way.




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