Week 13 – 16

Week 13:
This was another week of practising  this time preparing for next weeks assessment. I practiced every type of nail we’ve learnt so far, clear sculpted nail, white and pink sculpted nail, white tip and finally natural tip. After creating all these nails on my Mums hand giving her a set of strange looking nails Lauren went through a quick demonstration of both Gelish and white acrylic over a white tip. Gelish colours are completely gorgeous with their new collection ‘Love In Bloom’ being one of my favourite so far. However I cannot seem to paint with it neatly 😦 But thankfully Lauren quickly showed me how to use the product properly and pointed on my problems were from using far too much base coat. Week 13 I produced one of the most impeccable sculpted nails!

Week 14:
So this week was assessment week ahh nerves kicked in for definite. I didn’t speak to my Mum once I was concentrating that hard and kept having to tell her to be quiet ha. Anyway similar to last week I had to show one hand of nails by the end of the class but each nail different. No 1 Pink Sculpture, No 2 White and Pink Sculpture No 3 White Tip with Clear and Pink No 4 Natural blended Tip and finally No 5 White Tip with White and Pink. In the end I was pretty proud but afterwards realised I filled down one nail to make it shorter and forget to bevel to thin it out 😦 I got a point deducted for this oh no! Lauren seemed happy and impressed however and said I need to start charging more than £15.

Week 15:
This week we received our colour kit, the Nail Harmony Riches collection. Inside were 12 pearl colours and metallic powders, all super shimmery. I like the majority of the colours especially the glittery light pink that’s great for a glitter top coat however there’s a few colours such as green and bronze that strike the words ugly to me. Lauren started the session with a demonstration of a one colour fade. We then went away and copied this technique on about 3 fingers. Nearer to the end Lauren demonstrated a two colour fade which I the repeated using the cream and bronze colours. I found the technique quite simple to master without sounding too big headed. She did also show  us 3D flowers and some effects you can create with coloured acrylic that stunned the entire class.

Week 16:
Week 16 was our second lesson using coloured acrylic. We began again with a demonstration of a three colour fade, ooh moving onwards and upwards now! I had to share my model (Mum) this week with another lady because she couldn’t arrange one herself for this particular week. So we did one hand each 🙂 We agreed on using the same colours, light pink, dark pink and coral pink. Lauren also showed us how to find out which colour is the heaviest pigmented colour which we then used first. I challenged myself and sculpted these nails rather than taking the easy route of using tips

Week 17 – 20


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