Week 1 – 4

Unfortunately week 1 and 2 of the course I was unable to attend as I enrolled later than the rest of the class as the decision to start the course was extremely fast. However the weeks worth of information I missed were quickly posted to me for me to learn at home.

Week 1:
This consisted of an introduction to the course, an initial assessment, client consultation and after care when using acrylic.

Week 2:
The second week was based on nail contra-indications (reasons to stop or prevent you from carrying out a treatment, contra-actions (reactions that can occur during a treatment) and speaking through nail diseases and .

Week 3:
Lauren did a very interesting demonstration in week 3 whilst speaking through all the different types of nail enhancements (Acrylic, Gel, Silk, Fibreglass and Gelish.) She showed us a stiletto nail art design, sculptured white and pink, acrylic with Gelish overlay, white tip acrylic nail with 3D nail art and finally a clear tip acrylic nail.

Week 1 - 4Week 4:
This was our first ever practical week. We started off with a quick recap followed my a bead exercise using a piece of paper with different sized circles on. The idea was to fill the circle with an acrylic bead without letting it bleed over the edge. We then attempted form application which is surprisingly harder than it looks.

Week 5 – 8


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