The Importance of a Male Manicure

photo (1)

 If this photo isn’t a good advertisement to show why males should have manicures then I don’t know what is. These are my Dads horrible nails. He bites them down to the knuckle to the point where they are sore and bleeding. However he refuses to visit a salon because he’s too embarrassed. Men have the old fashioned thought that salons are a female environment where us ladies go to gossip whilst being pampered, but of course we know the advantages to a good manicure such as healthier nails, softer cuticles and moisturised hands.
So many males feel sheepish to ask for a manicure, but why? The look of a salon is so important which is why we all aim to create a pretty looking salon. From a males point of view this sort of environment probably doesn’t look so inviting and definitely not masculine enough. With few males working as therapists, the industry is seen as a female dominated environment. I know my boyfriend or Dad wouldn’t dare enter a salon because if one of their mates found out they’de never hear the end of it. Since moving work to a busy city centre area within the past three weeks I’ve carried out a handful of male manicures. These men appear to take a lot more pride in their appearance. Spotting a man with a tidy set of hands/nails shows me personally that they take care of themselves and have enough confidence to beat the stereotype. After all there’s no point appearing suited up but spoiling the look with lumberjack hands.
A good idea as is to have an area on price lists created especially for males to invite them into the salon. Products can be found on the market especially designed for a male manicure. My favourite is Essie’s Man-e-cure, a polish that dries to an almost matte finish with a subtle sheen. Another top tip is to use an oil, rather than cream, to ensure that the arm hairs aren’t tugged at during the hand and arm massage. With these tips in mind try your best to get males into the salon and off the building site, you’ll be surprised by the results.

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