Nail Trend : Cuticle Tattoos

Tattoo’s have been around for century’s as we all know but one of the more modern tattoo trends are cuticle tattoos. Hard to believe? Yes some artists are now offering dark black tattoo designs around the cuticle area.

rad-nails-beyond-cuticle-artFor some reason I cannot wrap my head around this. Surely cuticle tattoos are just a quick trend that will have been forgotten by 2014 similar to how nail art trends fly by over a couple of months, like caviar beads. I definitely wouldn’t like to be the old lady who goes out to do her shopping, hands over her money and shows off some cuticle tattoo she had when in her younger years. Although the idea is completely original and unique, for now I think I will stick to having cuticle nail art instead hehe.

The trend was first brought to Twitter by the company name Rad Nails. I now understand there choice of name. Let me know what you all think of this trend? Fab or extremely bad?!

One Response to “Nail Trend : Cuticle Tattoos”
  1. Craftynail says:

    Fab! I wouldn’t ever get a tattoo….. but this is cool!

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