CND Shellac – Forbidden Collection

So as autumn approaches it’s about time for a new Shellac collection to be released. I was not impressed with the last collection, Summer Splash, as all the colours were so similar to previously released collections.
photo (1)For example Lobster Roll was similar to Tropix and Grape gum was somewhere in between Rock Royalty and Purple Purple.

The new autumn collection is named ‘Forbidden’ which consists of 6 new colours named:

  • Dark Dahlia
  • Night Glimmer
  • Steel Gaze
  • Tinted Love
  • Burnt Romance
  • Blue Rapture

Once again by first impressions I wasn’t overwhelmed. I would never personally wear Steel Gaze or Blue Rapture as they seem far too dull and not very fashion friendly to me. However after a good look through them they’re growing on me haha. If you haven’t all ready noticed too, all of these colours have all ready been released in VINYLUX! Dark Dahlia is a favourite of mine so far, so for it to be made as a power polish is perfect for me. Also red colours are always sooooo popular in autumn/winter that Tinted Love and Burnt Romance will be hard to keep stocked up ready for use.

I’m sure I will grab my grubby hands on these when they are released in August from the Sweet Squared shop when I can then give you even more information of whether it’s good to go, or a no go.

10 Responses to “CND Shellac – Forbidden Collection”
  1. brazennell says:

    Oh I am excited….I saved up for the colour collection and like you was unimpressed. I wish they would do more wearable nudes. I get alot of people who are not allowed polish on their nails who could get away with it if they were more neutral.

    • I am too! However I just hope the colours exceed my expectations because they never seem to be up to date and trendy :/ Nudes and neons have been popular and they do neither!x

      • brazennell says:

        I know…. I am half thinking about getting some gelish! I am wearing half white at the moment in an attempt at being trendy lol

  2. Michele says:

    I wish they do some of the colors that sensationail has like the purple reds, pinks for example. CND doesn’t do enough of these colors either.

  3. Yeah, I wish they came out with more on trend colors. As you said, neons and nudes are really on the mark right now but they don’t have those colors. Still, I am excited about seeing the swatches for these.

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