Student Awards

On Wednesday I visited the college library to attend the students awards 2012 – 2013. The awards is usually more of a party where the college hires out a venue in Leeds City Centre and everyone gets nicely dressed up with their best heels. However after last years event ended up being more hectic than … Continue reading

It’s a Grand Slam

The beginning of this week saw the start of Wimbledon 2013 in London. Although there’s a clear but simple rule for the players, white must be worn, players such as Serena Williams have been rebelling against the normal by spicing up their outfits using nail art. Serena easily sports a coral and white animal print … Continue reading

Not bad for a guy with one eye

My family’s favourite movie has got to be Disney Pixars Monsters Inc. They’re set to launch their second film, Monsters Inc University so this design was most definitely called for I think. For this design I used: CND Super Sticky – Base Coat BarryM – 306 – Blueberry VINYLUX – Limeade VINYLUX – Creampuff BarryM … Continue reading

Liebster Award

My night has just been made by who has just nominated me, therefore won, the Liebster Award. I have come across the logo on WordPress a couple of times before but never understood the concept of the award…until now. To accept and pass on your nomination you must: Nominate more bloggers with less than 200 followers … Continue reading

Top 5 Nail Myths

Whilst working in the industry for over 2 years now I have come across many nail myths, which most people have believed through their parents telling porkies or through false claims on the internet such as Wikipedia. Below I have collected my top 5 nail myths and explained the true facts: White marks on the … Continue reading

Sunset Palm Tree’s

I’m off on holiday everyone! Literally so excited, me and my family are going on a cruise round the Mediterranean at the end of July which gave me my inspiration for this set of tropical nails. Everyone can picture the fruity cocktails you drink on holiday where the yellow slowly turns into red..until you’ve had … Continue reading

Hotski to Tchotchke Glitter Half Moons

For a change I gave my best friend bright green/blue nails to make a change to the usual pinks and lilacs she loves. I decided to use Shellac again (I absolutely love this product) Hotski to Tchotchke colour…what a mouthful, its now nick named Hotski 🙂 I came across a photo on Tumblr recently of … Continue reading

Upside-down French Manicure

Hmm not too sure what to name this design, however I’ve chosen the upside-down french manicure, for the reason that well…it looks like one 🙂 My friend sent me a similar photo via Facebook telling me she loved this design so I thought I would give it a go myself. I used BarryM nail polish’s … Continue reading

Minnie Mouse Nails

As O.P.I have recently released their ‘Minnie Mouse Collection’ I decided to design some nails inspired by the Disney character myself. The collection consists of 4 different shades of a girly pink, 1 of them being a glitter with pieces inside in the shape of the Minnie Mouse head. They actually released this collection last … Continue reading

Nail Newbie

Today I had a client who claimed she’s only ever had her nails done once before! She said the last set of acrylic nails she had were shockingly bad and has never had them done since. So off I went starting her acrylic nails ready for her holidays. I always ask all my clients what … Continue reading