Ombre Pretty Pastel Nails

I’ve always loved the gradient/ombre look on nails, especially on hands with long nail beds or nails. For my design I decided to use pastel colours, pink and purple as I’ve found colours that contrast are harder to blend.

7172_10201305663186641_1933304757_nFor this design I used:
Shellac – Base Coat
Shellac – Cakepop
Shellac – Lilac Longing
Shellac – Zillionaire
Shellac – Top Coat

This is how I created my Ombre pretty pastel nails:

  1. I began by prepping the nails ready for application of Shellac by filing the nails into a ‘squeval’ shape, pushing the cuticles back and nipping away the dead cuticle. Before beginning to paint I used ScrubFresh to clean and dehydrate the nail plate.
  2. Secondally I painted a super thin coat of Shellac – Base Coat. The base coat must be painted thin enough so you can pretty much see the brush strokes. If not then the permanent polish will begin to pit and shrink back from the edges. I then cured this for 10 seconds.
  3. After curing I painted a thin coat of Shellac – Cakepop.  Cakepop is a chalky colour of pink. Then cured for 2 minutes.
  4. I then painted a slightly thicker coat of Shellac – Cakepop to create a solid colour. Then cured for 2 minutes again
  5. Using Shellac – Lilac Longing painted onto a sponge (one of the ordinary washing up sponges you can buy from Tesco’s etc.) I dabbed the sponge onto the tips of the nails. I found I had to repeat this step a few times to get a definite . Don’t worry if at this point your nails don’t look perfect. I repeated the step of curing for 2 minutes again.
  6. To complete the look I painted a coat of Shellac – Zillionaire, a chunky multi-coloured glitter and then cured for 2 minutes under the UV lamp. The glitter covers any imperfections on the nails but also gives it a wow factor and ties all the pretty colours together.
  7. Once finished a coat of Shellac – Top Coat was added and cured again for the last 2 minutes. This makes the nail super shiny and stops the nails from chipping for 2 weeks.
  8. Finally I removed the sticky layer remaining on the nails using Disperse and added cuticle oil.

Feel free to message me for any more details and please give this a try at home. I’d love to see all your ombre designs so please leave me a link, thankyou 🙂

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