VINYLUX – The one week manicure

When CND released their non-chip/smudge instantly dry manicure in the form of Shellac the product immediately rocketed in the beauty industry and now CND are doing it all over again in 2013. VINYLUX claims to be a 1 week manicure with no chips that remains super shiny just like Shellac but however requires no base coat and removes just like nail polish. Too good to be true?

VinyluxGrpBright7496LRHow does it work?
The VINYLUX colour polish is a self-adhering coat that clings to the nail bed allowing it to last one week without any chips. The polish will not only have a fantastic adhesion to the nail but still wont stain the nail and dries in 8 and a half minutes (averagely 5 minutes faster than regular polish) The VINYLUX top coat gives a super shiny finish, similar to Shellac, to the nails and is created from a mixture of cross-linked polymers to protect the colour coat making VINYLUX more durable. The top coat toughens over time after exposure to natural light to allow it to last an entire week. This mixture of polymers requires no UV or LED lamp curing which means that the polish can be removed using an acetone based nail polish remover such as CND’s Nourish.

How to apply VINYLUX:
1. Apply a first thin coat of VINYLUX weekly colour polish
2. Apply a second thin coat of VINYLUX weekly colour polish
3. Paint a final coat of VINYLUC weekly top coat
4. Leave 8 minutes 30 seconds to dry.
5. DONE!

The advantages:
Surely there’s nothing wrong with a longer lasting chip free polish right?

  • It last an entire week
  • Dries 5 minutes quicker than regular nail polish
  • Super shiny
  • Comes in 62 trendy colours
  • Matches every Shellac colour, so VINYLUX is perfect for topping up your Shellac manicure at home
  • Easy/quick to remove
  • Perfect for the person who rushes around and doesn’t have time to visit the local salon
  • Doesn’t stain or yellow the nails
  • Requires no base coat

The disadvantages:
I’ve noticed one major disadvantage especially for salons and business profit

  • Clients can purchase the polish and use it at home – surely this means clients wont need to visit the salon as they can quickly paint their own nails at home on a Sunday night whilst watching Coronation Street. The only reason why so many lucky ladies have Shellac on their nails by professional therapists is because they’re not able to buy it to use at home. Will VINYLUX eliminate all of the Shellac clients who pay valuable money for good quality nails?

VINYLUX will be released on the 28th and 29th April 2013 at The Event and will be available to purchase from May 2013.  Keep an eye out on my review as soon as I get a hold on these.

14 Responses to “VINYLUX – The one week manicure”
  1. dogwuff says:

    Tried it – 4 nails chipped on tips by day 2, redid those nails, more chips third day including some of the nails which were redone. Staining on nails after removal. Not impressed.

  2. Andrea says:

    Saying that it is bad for salons because clients can do it themselves at home is ridiculous. How many people can do a salon quality manicure at home? Do they know how to remove cuticle from the nail plate? Do they have the right prepping products? It will not last as long when done at home.

    Also, even if people are doing this at home, it is a pro only porduct, you can’t buy this on the high street in any chemist or shop. The mark up on this is huge so us nail techs are making a fortune from retailing it : )

    • I totally agree, regular manicures and proffesional file and polishes can only be achieved from visiting a salon. We have many clients waiting for us to buy in the entire range for retailing so it’s taking off really well so far. Good luck with VINYLUX yourself x

  3. Jan says:

    I have tried Vinylux & it does what it says. I have only gotten a few manicures in my 58 years & they have been shellac for special occasions. I never wanted to pay for a manicure that the polish didn’t last. Now with Vinylux I will start getting manicures on a regular bases knowing the polish will last. You will gain clients like me.

    • My first reaction was that I love it and a few clients who have been struggling with Shellac have switched to regular manicures and VINYLUX to address their dry skin and cracked cuticles. Unfortunately I tried it myself on my fingers and toes and both chipped within 3 days 😦 I didn’t touch any remover at work but I can be hard on my hands considering I had been in London all weekend.

  4. nailaddict says:

    I was really excited to hear about the Vinylux system and eagerly went out and bought a few colours to trial. I did three practice runs, one on a client, one on a friend and one on myself and we all were disappointed that it didn’t last the week. Mine chipped badly over the first three days. I have checked that my PEP is thorough and the local CND suppliers told me it must be that my nails aren’t suitable. Strange that both other girls I trialed it on also dont have suitable nails???

    • We are also having a few doubts about the product :/ On nails all our clients love it and have gone well over a week, however when I used it for a weekend away in London they chipped on the firsty day! I was really disappointed 😦 Also all our clients toes are chipping, we think its possibly down to their toes not being exposed to the UV? who knows! Surely the product should be suitable for the majority of nail types? Hmmm

  5. Mj says:

    Applied Vinylux, and it looked great!!! I waited 45min to shower, and 2 nails were chipped in less than 2 hours after applying polish,I was so disappointed =( I followed the directions,

  6. Thanks for posting this – I really want to try this because gel is not working out for me!

  7. Gail Parsons says:

    Most clients love the new vinylux polish and it has been lasting up to two weeks. However since a basecoat is not used I have been experiencing stained nails after removing the red or darker shades.

    • I have given in with VINYLUX, it’s far too hard to remove off nails without staining, I’ve even resorted to wrapping and soaking the polish off which isn’t good! My Mum started a thread about VINYLUX on Salon Geek and my gosh the amount of people experiencing problems is unbelievable for such a highly recognised company…not good x

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