Nude Diamonte and Pearl nails

One of my latest creations was on my best friend, Verity, who left The Salon with a set of sparkly nude nails…I love them! Super cute and pretty and perfect for advertising my work at her new job. Nude colours can be found almost anywhere whether it’s a regular nail polish or a gel polish … Continue reading

Cath Kidston floral nail art

One of the biggest trends this spring are Cath Kidston inspired prints created on nails using pastel pinks, blues, yellows and greens. This trend is definitely one of the cutest I’ve ever come across and I had to give it a go myself so here it is: For this design I used: Shellac – Base … Continue reading

VINYLUX – The one week manicure

When CND released their non-chip/smudge instantly dry manicure in the form of Shellac the product immediately rocketed in the beauty industry and now CND are doing it all over again in 2013. VINYLUX claims to be a 1 week manicure with no chips that remains super shiny just like Shellac but however requires no base … Continue reading

10 Nail Trends for 2013

With a huge increase of beauty salons in the UK and the boom of the industry many people now have their nails done regularly  People have become more daring with their nail designs and try to follow the trends set by the high fashion runway shows and designers such as Chanel and Dior. There is such … Continue reading

The importance of using a Nail Oil

I don’t know about anybody else but every time I visit the salon for my nails doing I always seem to get a kind lecture on looking after my nails. The therapist tells me to use rubber gloves when washing up or gardening (which I never do) and to use a nail oil regularly but I’ve always wondered why … Continue reading

Shellac VS Gelish

Many of you readers will of heard of both products, Shellac and Gelish, but after all the big question is which is best? Below I am going to explain and attempt to weigh out the pro’s and con’s of both systems and try to make it easier for you to come to a conclusion yourself over … Continue reading