World Skills Competition – Part 2

Yey! Im through..well kind of. Helen (the head of beauty therapy at college) has chosen me to represent Wakefield College in the World Skills Competition Level 2 Beauty Therapy along with another girl who’s not yet been chosen for definite. I’m so excited. To be given an opportunity like this is truly amazing and makes me feel … Continue reading


At the beginning of this week I noticed Ellisons were announcing a Spring Nail competition on their Facebook page and thought great! What an amazing oppurtinity to get my name out there and hopefully win. I later got stuck when trying to think of an idea around the theme of ‘spring’ and what material to … Continue reading

World Skills Competition

About a month ago we had a presentation from the head of beauty at college about a competition called World Skills. This is a competition  that eventually leads to a world wide final in a variety of subject fields from beauty therapy to brick laying. Two competitors can represent a college for each individual competition. They must be studying their … Continue reading

The Daily Fail

The Daily Mail have recently released an article named ‘Gel manicures can increase the risk of SKIN CANCER as well as wreck your nails’ Well we all know that having gel/shellac nails regularly without using a nail oil or having them removed professionally can damage your nails, I’ll give them a point for that. However their … Continue reading

Update on searching for the perfect make-up

In need of the perfect make-up brand to use within The Salon for weddings and proms we organised visits from various representatives from different companies. In February we saw representatives from Jane Iredale and Art Deco and more recently we have seen a lady from Vani-T. As I have explained before we are looking for a … Continue reading