Where do you find your inspiration?

I am constantly trying to keep up with the latest nail trends in the business and everuthing beauty related and find myself spending one too many hours on the laptop hunting for ideas and inspiration. However I wondered how do you find yours? Tumblr I’m very much a guilty Tumblr addict. It’s so easy to … Continue reading

Pink Rockstar Stiletto Acrylic Nails

I love doing Rockstars, very simple but effective. That’s why I decided to use my favourite glitter ‘Barba-rella’ to create these pretty stiletto nails. Before I began I dry prepped the nails. e.g. pushed back the excess cuticle, lightly buffed the nail before applying PH Bond (this temporarily dehydrates the nail  and brings the PH … Continue reading

Eve Taylor 303 for Blemished Skins

When ‘developing’ as they say, I gained a lot of deep purple coloured stretch marks along my chest and the sides of my legs. This is something that has bothered me for a long time like many girls/women. My family has decided to go on holiday abroad this year, that’s why I came to the … Continue reading

I’m a Barbie Girl

Today at college the class passed their ‘Create a look’ module in their assessment books. As I am an apprentice in a part-time class I do not have to do this unit but the rest of the class do, so me and my friend Louise took advantage of this and she used me as her … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day

As it’s almost Valentine’s Day I figured a set of design nails were in order. To create these I used a mixture of Pro Professional Nail Tips, Nail Harmony Fusion Acrylic and Shellac. 1. These are my own natural nails before starting. 2. I dry prepared the nails by filing the free edge pushing back the cuticles and … Continue reading

Search for the perfect Make-Up range

We are on the search for a Make-Up range to use within The Salon to compliment our recent training with Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Skin Care. I personally use M.A.C because of their long lasting liquid foundations, wide choice of make-up products and their up to date lipstick colours. However we want something that feels light weight on … Continue reading

Inspirational Present

After a very long draining day at college training in Make-Up and Waxing I came home to a nice clean house and a gift from my Mum after her visit to BlackerHall Farm. A small dove ornament with the words ‘Follow Your Dreams’ hand written along the bottom. For some reason I found this so … Continue reading

Shellac Pink Sparkle Acrylic Nails

After creating a set of fabulous Natural Tip Acrylic Nails over in Doncaster on the Nail Harmony Course my model decided to have Shellac painted over the top to complete her nails the following Saturday. When she arrived she had a slight bit of lifting as expected, so I corrected this by buffing lightly around … Continue reading