20 Week Nail Harmony Fusion Acrylic Course

Acrylic nails are something I’ve always had a negative opinion of… until now. I have always been against the product after hearing the horror stories from clients and seeing the results of having acrylic nails applied by inexperienced therapists. However I recently subscribed to Scratch Magazine and have been inspired by the amazing stiletto nails. Especially from the winner of the Scratch Shoot Out, Elizabeth Smith, who created amazing candy themed nails using real hundreds and thousands! I was astounded by the effects you can achieve from using acrylic and instantly knew this was something I wanted to be able to achieve myself. From this quick and much dedicated decision my employer (my Mum) decided to use the money received from the government for being an apprentice to send me on the 20 Week Acrylic Nail Harmony Fusion Acrylic Course with Red 10 in Doncaster.

The course commenced on the 30th October 2012, however I enrolled two weeks late as we were unaware that it was running this time of year. Lauren Varley is my Harmony Educator for the sessions which take place 6.00pm-8.30pm on the Shaw Wood Way industrial estate, Doncaster.

The course covers:

  • Theory:
    Anatomy and physiology, health and safety, salon hygiene, diseases and contra-indications, client consultation, home-care  advice, product chemistry and commercial advice
  • Practical:
    Nail preparation, tip application, sculpting, one colour, pink and white, product control, filing techniques, infill’s and removals, troubleshooting. Learn how to create a variety of designs using Nail Harmony’s Reflections Coloured Acrylic Powders to include colour blending, 3D designs, 3D embedded work, and much more!

Red 10 have been brilliant so far! They immediately sent me the weeks worth of information through the post ready for the following class I was about to attend.

The 20 week course all together comes to a total price of £799 (Steep I know!) however the only upfront costs that must be paid is a deposit of £75 when booking onto the course and £124 prior to week 1. The rest of the money is paid weekly at just £30 per week for 20 weeks. I was lucky that my employer was willing to pay for it! I believe Red10 are the only training academy that allows you to pay the majority of the costs weekly, which is a huge bonus to anybody paying for it themselves. The major advantage of being an apprentice is that the government give your employer a grant of £1,500 that they can use to spend however they like. This may be used to help pay your wages or could be used to develop your skills further by sending you on various training courses like me! If I was paying for the course myself it would be very difficult at the age of 16!

The price also contains the Fusion Acrylic Master Kit and a Coloured Acrylic Kit
Fusion Acrylic Kit:

  • 15ml PH bond
  • 15ml Pro bond
  • 4oz Fusion sculpting liquid
  • 8oz Total Control Bliss Pink powder
  • .8oz Total Control True Clear powder
  • 8oz Total Control Pure White powder
  • 15ml Dual Coat
  • 15ml Nourish
  • Pro 9 brush
  • Perfetto nail forms
  • 150/150 grit file
  • 180/180 grit file
  • 100/180 grit buffer
  • 220/280 grit buffer
  • Eco Shiner 2-way buffer
  • Wooden file

Reflections Elements Collection:

  • 12 intense colours of acrylic powders 1/4oz
    Steel (grey), Hydrogen (sandy brown), Helium (peachy orange), Lithium (true red), Phosphorous (green grass), Carbon (black), Nitrogen (hot pink), Oxygen (true blue), Fluorine (pansy purple ), Neon (electric purple), Sodium (canary yellow), Aluminium (blue topaz)



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