The Apprentice

From a very young age I have shown a keen interest in the beauty industry and have always wanted to become a Beauty Therapist. I believe I inherited this from my Mum, Amanda, a successful beauty therapist and salon owner. At the age of 15 I began working alongside my mum as a Saturday girl where I learnt the basics from meeting and greeting clients, answering the phone, cleaning work areas to making drinks (One day I text my Mum from the kitchen to ask how to make a cup of coffee to avoid making a fool of myself, so embarrassing looking back now ha!)

At the end of year 11 after a hard 3 years studying I finally received my GCSE results woo!
In the end I received:
A – English
A – Graphics
B – Maths
B – Media
B – Biology
B – Physics
B – Chemistry
Distinction* – Art
Distinction* – Business
Afterwards we celebrated with a day at York Races with my best friend where I wont over £70! Not bad grades for a blonde if you ask me haha! However at a meeting with a member of the Sixth Form Team and revealing I had my future planned in the beauty industry the women not only looked at me in pure shock but also tried to convince me out of it! I remember coming out of the meeting fuming as she believed the industry was just for air heads with bad grades!

Leaving school after an amazing prom night, I decided to work more days learning how to carry out beauty treatments at my Mum’s salon named ‘The Salon’ throughout the extended summer holiday. I enrolled at Wakefield College, Skills Xchange for the Modern Apprentice in Beauty Therapy course in November 2011. I later got accepted for the course and with much anticipation started in September 2012! Oh yes and not to forget I also went on the Sienna X Spray Tanning course (which I loved by the way!) on the 27th August 2012 at The Holiday Inn Osset, Wakefield where I was trained by the lovely Nicky.

My apprenticeship course covers the treatments Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, Waxing, Eye treatments, Make-up and hopefully will finish June 2013. As an apprentice I have to work a minimum of 30 hours in the workplace per week but this includes the 8 hours I spend learning in college. Although I get paid weekly for all 30 hours (YES!) its a very small wage of just £2.65 an hour oh no!

To develop my career even further I am also attending an 20 week Acrylic Course using Nail Harmony Fusion acrylic with Red 10 Academy, Doncaster. This runs on a Tuesday Evening from 6.00pm-8.30pm so this means my poor Mum has to drive me straight from work all the way to Doncaster every week (On the plus side we always find somewhere to grab some fatty food on the way). Although this seems a lot of hassle it’s something I am very eager to learn and master as this is the way forward into creating amazing stiletto nails perfect for entering nail competitions with.

In the future I am hoping to create an amazing career for myself and aim to be successful and an inspiring Beauty Therapist, but in the  mean time I want to share all my experiences with the rest of the beauty novices just like me!

So I hope you enjoy, Shelby x

One Response to “The Apprentice”
  1. Well done and good luck with your blog. I have a blog on my website where I share beauty tips. I am sure you will find the beauty industry as interesting and fulfilling as I do. Best wishes

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